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How Referrals Work

A Wayne County Business Referral Group (WCBRG) referral means that a member has already discussed your product or service with a business associate, customer or personal acquaintance. Your call to the prospect will be expected. They will know your name, your company's name, and the purpose of your call. It is the job of the referring member to provide this information to the prospect.

Quality referrals are extremely important. It should offer significant value to the referred member. While we do not look at dollar amounts as a way to qualify a referral, the purchase of a one dollar box of paperclips or five copies for 40 cents are not generally considered qualified referrals.

Members should complete the referral form prior to each meeting. The white copy is given to the referred member and the yellow to the treasurer. Referrals are announced at the end of the giving member's 30-second commercial. However, the referring information should be passed on as soon as possible without waiting for the next WCBG meeting.

Referral Types

WCBRG recognizes two types of referrals. A "first generation" referral is one where a member uses another member's services.

A "second generation" referral is much more powerful. It is a referral to a member from someone outside the group. It is estimated that on average we know 250 people that could use the products or services of WCBRG members.




To maximize your effectiveness in WCBRG, you should know as much about your fellow members as possible. Get to know them, their business and what makes a good referral for them. Then, as you talk with business associates, customers and personal acquaintances, think, listen and probe to determine what WCBRG member goods and services can benefit them. BE PROACTIVE. Consider the following:

• Take notes during 30-second commercials and 20-minute presentations. What is a "good referral" for that member.

• Meet other members one-on-one for breakfast or lunch. It provides an opportunity to learn more about their business and the member.

• To get a referral, give a referral.

• Attend every meeting and participate. Being successful takes more than just showing up. Be enthusiastic and participate constructively in discussions.

• Call other members frequently. The more you get to know other members, the more they will get to know you and the more referrals you can give and get.

• Sit next to a different member each meeting.

• Always have business cards available.


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