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Wayne County Business Referral Group Meetings

Wayne County Business Referral Group (WCBRG) meets each Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The meeting agenda is

• Opening by the President
• Urgent messages
• 30-second commercials and referrals
• Member announcements
• Weekly speaker
• Close by the President

Although each member has the opportunity to present their business during the meeting all are encouraged to come early and stay after to "really network."

Newsletters are distributed every other month highlighting the referral activity by each member for the month and year-to-date. Newsworthy information from members is acceptable, however, the newsletter is not intended to be an advertising medium.

30 Second Commercials

The 30-second commercial is your weekly opportunity to inform other members about your business and tell them the type of prospects you're looking for. As a suggestion:

• Prepare a 2-3 sentence statement clearly explaining your business. This should not vary week to week. Consider including your company's slogan.
• Indicate the WCBRG category you "close."
• Include your business's geographic area
• Tell something unique about your business that will help members remember your product or service
• Say something new each week that is unusual. Use your creativity!
• Tell members what makes a good referral for you.

20 Minute Presentation

Each week one member is given 20 minutes to present his or her business in detail. It is a big opportunity to tell fellow members who you are, your business focus, and what makes a good prospect for you.

Presentations are scheduled in advance through the WCBRG president. Here are some tips:
• Provide your professional background and offer personal information such as marital status, number of children, pets, hobbies, places you've lived etc.
• Present your business clearly. Explain your main business focus and describe key products or services you want members to help find prospects.
• Use support documents such as brochures, handouts or a slide presentation to further explain your products and/or services.
• Explain the benefits of your business. In other words, why should someone buy from you?
• Detail how prospective customers can save money by using your product or service.
• Describe any current or upcoming promotions or trial offer that may benefit prospects.
• Who are your ideal prospects?





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